[Video] Ever been on the sideways driver’s seat in a 1000-hp Nissan 370Z? image

While Chris Forsberg has been playing around with the drift van from Nissan, he was also keeping himself busy alongside Geoff Stoneback – as they engaged in drifting identical Nisan 370Zs.

While the idea of a the true tire-death poetry happens when the real life machines have their way on the track at the hands of talented people. And you can be sure there’s a certain degree of poetry in seeing identical V8-equipped Nissan 370Zs punishing the road in sideways action with a total of 2000 ponies. This is of course not your average 3.7-liter V6 Nissan 370Z, as there’s a long way from 332 horsepower to a full complement of 1000 steed. Instead, Nismo opted to get rid of the smaller V6 and fit in a great 5.6-liter V8.

While the 370Z hasn’t been redesigned since 2009 we can tell you they actually don’t need to as long as they don’t stop making such amazing mods. The serious drift machines no w have 1000 horsepower each to play with, so Forsberg and Geoff Stoneback have taken them to Road Atlanta for some tandem action. And topping things up is the fact that we get the action from onboard cameras as well – which goes a long way to show you how much skill is needed to achieve competitive drifting, where you also have to be as close as possible to the other car.