[Video] Ever thought about the Oscar Meyer going for an entire Wienerfleet?! image

Along with the dog-shaped minivan from the Dumb and Dumber movie, there’s general world understanding that Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile is unbelievably cool… well, at least it’s odd.

It may not appeal to everyone – even though we have no idea why a giant-sized hot dog on wheels wouldn’t – but as far as mega epic marketing campaigns go, it’s one for the text books. But wait, Oscar Mayer is now going flat out epic – with the introduction of the Wienermini, Wienerrover, Wienercycle, and yes, the Wienerdrone. Everything belongs to the newly formed Wienerfleet. Getting to know each vehicle is a breeze… the Wienermini has been around for some time, just like the Red Bull models it’s based on a Mini with an orange fiberglass hot dog on the roof.

[Video] Ever thought about the Oscar Meyer going for an entire Wienerfleet 2

The Wienerrover is most likely what astronauts leaving the International Space Station en route to Mars would take with them. The Wienercycle is a Vespa with a hot dog sidecar that should provide epic fun in virtually any case scenario. Go for the dachshund (with a helmet of course) and go make some YouTube videos. Last, but certainly high on the list is the Wienerdrone, which should give ufologists lots to talk about if anyone is flying it at dusk, or dawn… As far as trivia is concerned – the very first Wienermobile came to life back in 1936 and the current one is based on a GMC chassis and a Chevrolet 6.0-liter V8 engine.