[Video] Everything you need to know about Lamborghini in a comprehensive pack image

Do we really need to bring something new to the table when there’s a lengthy 13-minute video with Lamborghini cars – we’ll be excused by our bosses for this act of selfish supercar love.

Even more so, those who haven’t been in tune with the Italian supercar company that loves/hates Ferrari have an opportunity to also end up enlightened – because mixed up with lots of footage of Lambo tomfoolery there’s also a table contents with the company’s legendary history. The video allows us to recall how Ferruccio Lamborghini was in the tractor business and allegedly was written off by Ferrari so he started his own supercar company. But have you known the original Lamborghini V12 engine was actually something he was displeased with? The basics was that Ferrari used unreliable engines on the road because they were derived from the track cars – and the First Lambo engine had the same recipe.

Well that wasn’t enough apparently and the V12 engine served the company as the base unit for no less than five decades – that’s a total of 50 years. The video also shines in reveling about the lesser Lambos – everyone knows and loves the Miura but their first car was actually the 350GT. Then we also rekindle the crazy Espada, before making the jump to the Countach, the Diablo, and the modern elements – you know, Audi purchase from 1998 and all.

Via Donut Media