The mildly hardcore version of the Golf GTI has been introduced by Volkswagen as another cash cow and as a gap filler between the sporty GTI and the extreme Golf R model.

But many have wondered since its introduction if it’s just marketing (as that has happened in so many cases before) or we have a genuinely hotter version of the Golf GTI. The model has been introduced officially in front of the worldwide audience just now in September – during the 66th Frankfurt Motor Show. Basically the exact production rendering of the namesake concept that was unveiled a few months back, the Clubsport delivers an extra 35 PS (26 kW) compared to the Golf GTI Performance – which acted as the flagship forward-wheel drive Golf model. There’s a catch though – while it usually sports 365 hp under the hood, for a total of ten seconds it can morph into a more menacing 290 PS (213 kW) monster thanks to the overboost feature that will come in handy when overtaking on and off the track.

With the Clubsport available either with the DSG or the manual gearbox all clients should be satisfied, as Volkswagen has also operated changes to the suspension. But Evo has decided to find the answer to the question that doesn’t let VW fans sleep at night – is the enhanced GTI Clubsport able to pose a threat to the spectacular Golf R which sports 300 hp and an all-wheel drive system?



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