[VIDEO] EVO tests the McLaren 12C, tries to prove it’s an everyday supercar image

British magazine EVO has a long-term test car, a McLaren 12C Spider, for quite a few months, and the newest video starring this vehicle is trying to convince us that this is actually an everyday supercar.

Most petrol heads have already gotten the chance to go for a spin in a very expensive and exotic supercar and they can tell you that a Lamborghini Aventador is far from being comfortable or a Ferrari 458 Italia can be used on a daily basis only if your other ride is in the shop, because the most practical ones are definitely the Ferrari FF or the Audi R8. Let’s not forget the 911s too. But while most of us know that the words “supercar” and “practical” don’t go hand in hand, EVO is trying to convince us the other way around.

The footage posted below is showing a McLaren 12C Spider which is apparently good as an everyday supercar but I can’t believe the bloke driving it because he’s using his hands a lot when speaking. Anyway, this is probably a good example for what happens when you have a guy that should criticize you on your paycheck.