At the track, on the road or at home, on the lawn or next to the pool – now thanks to Porsche’s Design new 911 speaker you can carry everywhere your passion for the German sports car, and also get a supercar music experience.

You might remember we once talked about Porsche Design’s $3,500 911 Soundbar, which is inspired by the 911 GT3 exhaust – but if that’s a tad too costly for you there’s another option. The 911 speaker is not exactly a mirror teardrop just like the Soundbar, but at least you can have it for a more Earthly $599. The set of speakers look like the dual exhausts that come out the back of certain 911s, and Porsche Design decided on an aluminum housing with a premium high-gloss black finish. It’s also superbly compact – 11.42 inches long, 6.1 inches wide, and 4.7 inches tall (290 x 155 x 120 millimeters). That’s because you’ll get a 60-watt system with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for pairing with devices from up to 33 feet away (10 meters).

[Video] Experience the sound of a Porsche 911 everywhere 2

To make sure you can pump up the sound as much as you can, the onboard lithium-ion battery is good for an extended beach party session of 24 hours, with the gadget also accepting voice commands. If you shell out the cash to buy a pair, there are some interesting features. You could pair them together to act as left and right speakers – or make them broadcast the same sounds from separate places to create the illusion of surround effect in large spaces.


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