[Video] Exquisite Ferrari F40 takes it up the ski slope – see who wins image

Titled “Snow Camp”, this bonkers clip shows us a Red Bull-happy driver packing his belongings for a camping trip – though the unusual setup is represented by the ride.

That’s because he packed the essentials in (and on) a Ferrari F40 in its pristine red livery and decided to have a go at trying to tackle a ski slope without skis – instead using snow chains and auxiliary lighting units. The eccentric owner lives in Japan and he eschewed a more practical approach of using the FF – or its yet to be released follow up the GTC4 Lusso. This has brought a rather delightful way of using a classic Ferrari supercar – courtesy of Takeshi Kimura, who is actually a well known eccentric among car aficionados.

The alternate title is “A Day in the Life” and we would trade places with him in an instant – the “day” starts on the outskirts of the Nagano Prefecture, where Takeshi resides, taking the F40 for some unique attention – we’re talking here about ubiquitous Ferrari amenities such as rally-like yellow foglights and a roof rack. Then he heads to the hills of Nagano – you might remember the 1998 Winter Olympics took place here – with his rented snow chains. And the atmosphere is complemented by the ‘80s soundtrack and the exuberant F40 drifting procedures. Find out after hitting the play button why the guy also packed all the necessary amenities atop his interesting snow mountain ride.

Via Red Bull and Breedof Speed