[Video] Facelifted Audi S6 gets first video presentation image

The German automaker is busy this fall with a number of new model introductions. Chief among them is of course the revamp of the mid-size A6 family. While the range has been updated towards increased efficiency, the Quattro S6 loving bunch has not been forgotten.

The revised A6 family features the usual very, very, very subtle design changes – you’ll need Sherlock Homes’ magnifier to find them. On the other hand, true to the “vorsprung durch technick” catchphrase, Audi has made numerous tweaks under the bodies and hoods. That means, among others, the A6 range gains a new “ultra” 1.8-liter turbo gasoline engine. While the entire family is now 22% more fuel efficient and compliant with Euro 6 emission standards.

The S6 model has not been left out of the party, with the biggest highlight being the fact that its de-tuned biturbo 4-liter taken from the RS6 monster has been upgraded to produce 450 hp instead of 420 hp. Several other tweaks and changes contribute to the Quattro sedan’s performance of 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, while the family oriented Avant station wagon needs 4.6 seconds. Because in the mass of news about the entire range one could overlook the sporty refreshes, Audi has launched a fresh video to celebrate the updated S6 lineup.