[Video] Faraday Future included its first production model as an Easter Egg image

Newly created green automaker Faraday Future has just unveiled their first ever vehicle – an electric supercar concept titled FZERO1 – and the extensive gallery and roster of videos also revealed a more interesting fact.

In one of the promotional videos for the model that should land at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later today, the company also apparently included as an Easter Egg the silhouette of an SUV that could become their first production model later on. If you look close, at the 1:11 mark of the video you can see after the break the silhouette of the FFZERO1 race car transforms into a sport utility vehicle. If the Easter Egg is credible, then we’re looking at the newly established company that set itself as a competitor to Tesla Motors delivering first and adversary for the latter’s newest introduction – the Model X crossover. By the way, the Tesla nods are pretty much too obvious – Faraday Future’s strategy includes a one billion dollars investment into a 900-acre production facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada, just a few hours away from Tesla’s own battery Gigafactory.

Reports are pitting the upcoming production model from Faraday to be an all-electric model that should reach dealers sometimes in 2017 and sporting a battery pack with a capacity of 98 kWh. Details regarding the production model are scarce at the moment, but Faraday has already announced the concept racer uses their Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) and the batteries are positioned centrally in modular strings – feeding electricity to the four electric motors. While the mind-boggling power of more than 1,000 horespower will likely be axed for the production model, we can imagine the architecture and drivetrain layout would be kept.