[Video] Faraday Future teaser shows its electric SUV going through “development hell” image

The upcoming Tesla Model X fighter from Faraday Future is seen here eerie silent while going through some tests in the desert – the only thing that bugs us is the electric SUV hasn’t been named yet.

The world of Tesla has been the same in recent years – competitors come and go – but it seems Faraday Future is putting its money where the ideas are as well. The electric startup will have a big show up ahead when it finally delivers the production series model, because all traditional luxury brands (read the German trio) are also getting ready to deliver their own contenders into the new luxury electric crossover segment. FF, the Chinese-backed American startup, has sent its all-electric SUV out in the desert for some quick testing rounds – all the while wearing heavy camouflage.

We’re not going to wait too long for the real deal because Faraday has announced it will reveal the model in January 2017 at CES in Las Vegas – and then move to produce it at a new 900-acre factory in Nevada following an investment of $1 billion. Details are still light, but we know they use an in-house developed platform (Variable Platform Architecture”) and rumors put the battery pack at 98-kWh, enough energy for a range of more than 300 miles (482 kilometers).