[Video] Fast 8 has a habit of breaking up cars – here’s one dropped off building in Cleveland image

Since the start of the franchise we got used to seeing action heroes, fast cars, lightly dressed gals and exploding vehicles. Actually, the latter are a given when seeing almost any sequence of the action packed series.

While the star cast has been seen enjoying the new found friendly relations between the US and Cuba, as they moved to the neighboring country to shoot in the middle of the thriving automotive community, the second unit production crew is minding its own business. And since they are called “second”, they had to contend with Cleveland, Ohio. But that doesn’t’ mean they can’t have some fun, even in the absence of the star cast – they turned the city into the car stunt playground. A video snatched by a bystander shows the team crashing a vehicle from the sixth floor of a parking garage onto the cars below. According to Cleveland.com, people have also caught the stunt drivers practicing some of their choreography in the parking lot of a local mall.

The main action is expected to take place in downtown Cleveland starting right about now, when the second unit crew has approval to start closing down major roads to film the usual high-adrenaline action scenes. Of course Cleveland is not really one of the central locations for the movie – expected instead to be used as a stand-in for a more expensive locale. The main setting for the movie has been tipped to be Manhattan – with Cleveland a great way to emulate the city without actually paying the bucks for New York.

Via Cleveland.com