Video: Fernando Alonso Tests The Ferrari 458 Spider image

The Italians from Ferrari had released an official driving footage of the new 458 Spider with Fernando Alonso at the wheel.

According to them, “Alonso was extremely satisfied with the perfect combination of high performance, exceptional handling and the engine sound the 458 Spider is able to deliver.”

The formula 1 driver left the seat of his racing car to try out Maranello’s new 458 Spider, which will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show this Tuesday.

The video starts with Alonso dropping the roof and driving out the factory and then Alonso shows us what it is capable of on the twisty Italian back roads.

The new 458 Spider
The new Ferrari 458 Spider the world’s first mid-engine car with a retractable hard-top. The roof can fold itself down into a space ahead of the engine bay in 14 seconds, and the independently operable rear window doubles as a wind blocker.

Besides shaving the 458’s head, Ferrari altered the car’s throttle mapping, suspension tuning, and “engine soundtrack” specifically for topless motoring. According to Ferrari, the electric wind stop fitted can reduce noise when the roof is retracted and normal conversations can be sustained at speeds close to 120 mph.

The 458 Spider will get the same 570 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque 4.5-liter V-8 found in the hard-top, though could be slightly slower due to the extra weight required for its folding roof mechanism and chassis strengthening.

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