[VIDEO] Ferrari 360 Modena gets tuned by SeriousHP image

SeriousHP has created a new upgrade package for the Ferrari 360 Modena which is allowing the Italian supercar to produce a total output of 791 HP.

In a world where downsizing seems to be the key to everything in the automotive industry, the aftermarket specialists at SeriousHP have proved once again that the power of a supercar can be easily doubled. According to the Texas based tuner, the project car in question, a Ferrari 360 Modena, has been upgraded with the 67-66 Precision Turbo package, which is adding a reinforced transmission, a Pro-Efi 128 engine management, an upgraded fuel system, a new turbocharger and much more, including the forged internals.

The total output produced by the Ferrari 360 Modena’s 3.6 liter V8 engine is now standing at 791 HP (582 kW), which is quite impressive, considering the fact that the regular unit is producing a total output of 405 HP (298 kW). SeriousHP didn’t announce a price for these upgrades and most likely they won’t become available for owners of the Italian supercar. You can watch the Ferrari 360 Modena upgraded by SeriousHP in action in the video posted below. Enjoy!