[VIDEO] Ferrari 360 Spider vs. Volvo Hybrid truck image

After we presented earlier today a street race between a Lamborghini Aventador, two Gallardos, a BMW M3 and a Ferrari 360 Spider, the Maranello based automaker is once again in everyone’s center of attention after racing a Volvo Hybrid truck.

Under its “Mean Green” nickname, the truck powered by an electric motor and a diesel engine which is really a French recipe, has challenged the Italian supercar to a drag race which apparently had a surprise winner: the truck.

So now when you are arguing with your friends about what’s faster, a Volvo truck or a Ferrari 360 Spider, place your money on the larger, heavier vehicle, even if it’s powered by a combination between a regular diesel engine and an electric motor.

It seems that the Volvo was helped here by the Panda tears coming out of its exhaust system, which gave it a boost just like NOS did a few years ago.

You can watch the spectacular video below. Enjoy!