You may remember last year the synthetic oil specialists from Pennzoil took a joyride in a Dodge Hellcat for some maddened honing – and this year they’re back and this time around they upgraded their ride to a marvelous Ferrari 488 GTB.

We’re getting our fair share of Gymkhana-style videos at this start of year, with even the maestro – Ken Block – delivering his latest episode that took the things to a whole new level in Dubai. While the video was pretty wild – with custom police cars, whole blocks closed down and sheiks lending tigers – we can actually aspire to something that is easily more achievable: for example a memorable ride in one great Ferrari 488 GTB. The clip is called “Joyride Circuit” and after we saw it (a few times, actually) we got the sense they were driving it like zombies (in cars) were after them. We’re not going to spoil it for you, but we can tell you it’s our absolute dream to be in the shoes of such a mystery driver and wake up one day with someone at the door handing a Ferrari key and the garage access code.

The footage also features one of our all time favorite cities around the world – Barcelona – with performance driver Rhys Millen actually at the wheel and pushing the supercar past speeds of 160 mph through the tunnels. “My first experience behind the wheel of this car is just like “wow,” this car has so much power; so much torque; pushing 670 horsepower out of this twin-turbo V8,” comments Millen, who’s by all means no stranger to hooning supercars. By the way, Ferrari North America recommends Pennzoil Platinum Euro with PurePlus Technology as the motor oil for the brand’s models.



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