[VIDEO] Ferrari 599 replacement caught testing image

The replacement for the Ferrari 599 model has been recently caught on camera while being tested by the Italian based automaker in Maranello.

The Ferrari 599 replacement has been announced for quite some time yet and we’ve talked about it last year in several occasions but this is actually the first video with the supercar being tested which ends up on the internet and we should thank the guys at automotorundsport for this upload. As you can see from the video posted below this article, the camouflaged supercar can be seen while leaving the Ferrari factory and it’s driven on legal roads, in Maranello.

The automaker’s officials were saying that the replacement of the Ferrari 599 is expected to come with over 700 horsepower and the Lamborghini Aventador has nothing to do with this figure, as the company’s CEO, Amedeo Felisa, has announced last year. The Ferrari official has also said that the new supercar will be front-engined and it will ride on an aluminum intensive platform. Sadly this is all we know for now about the Ferrari 599 replacement but the Italian based automaker might pull a surprise on all of us and present it in the nearby future during a major international automotive show.