The Italian automaker is fiercely proud of its heritage which is why we’re not very surprised they decided to lovingly restore a stylish 225E that was heavily damaged by a fire.

Back in May 1952 the 225E chassis no. 0178 was exiting the Maranello assembly facility for the first owner to take delivery. This model was ordered by Count Antonio Sterzi who soon after taking commission decided to race it at the legendary Mille Miglia where he was accompanied by co-driver Nino Rovelli. This particular example was able to take home the victory in June that year during the Coppa della Toscana with Bruno Sterzi who then also had the Ferrari 225E triumphant in the Bolzano-Mendola hill climb and the Coppa InterEuropa at Monza. The history then notes the model had a roster of other owners and at one point during its lifetime it was involved in a serious fire that left it with “severe damage.”

Fortunately the engine itself has not been damaged and was saved sometimes in the 1980s when there was also a failed attempt to bring the model back to life and its former glory. Now, after being pampered by Ferrari for almost two years, it has been delivered back to its like new pristine condition by the experts over at Ferrari Classiche. The job was harder than initially believed as Ferrari found out it didn’t have the proper documentation regarding the model’s interior and Maranello had to view other contemporary Ferraris to make sure the cabin was as original as possible. But now the two-tone 225E can again be driven after the complete reconditioning also touched the engine.


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