[Video] Ferrari details the 812 Superfast for aero, engine and dynamics image

The new 812 Superfast is exactly that – but it’s so much more to its tory than that. For starters, sitting at the top of the Ferrari range, it had to somehow come up even better than the marvelous F12, including the fascinating F12tdf.

The good-old V12 mill has been taken from 6.3 to 6.5-liters and comes out with a total of 789 bhp and 530 lb-ft of torque – and the video for the engine segment shows us how it’s like to rev it to 8,900 rpm. Ferrari of course doesn’t simply enhance the design of its cars and calls it all-new, but adds a raft of cutting edge technology in the process. For example, the active aerodynamics not only generate downforce, but also improve cooling and general efficiency. Oh, and the diffuser is not just for show – it has active flaps that open up 17 degrees.

Ferrari also introduced rear-wheel steering on the 812, making the car 11% sharper and increasing longitudinal acceleration by another 18 percent. Electric power steering is also making an appearance “which, in line with Ferrari tradition, is used to fully exploit the potential of the car in terms of performance by integrating it with all of the electronic vehicle dynamics controls.” In addition, there’s just one ECU for everything – traction control, adaptive dampers and rear wheel steering, etc.