[VIDEO] Ferrari FXX K hits Spa image

A gorgeous red-finished Ferrari FXX K has been spotted around Spa Francorchamps recently.

Right after the Grand Prix, Spa Francorchamps has hosted a Ferrari event in which several units of the extremely rare, powerful and expensive FXX K hypercar have gathered together. The clip posted below is focusing around a red-finished example of the exotic model which is taking a fast lap around the famous Belgian track, in the rain, being joined by other various models made over the years in Maranello. You will want to turn the volume up before clicking the play button, or to plug in a set of headphones, because you will want to hear its engine roar over the 7 and a half minute-long video.

The Ferrari FXX K is the track-only version of the impressive LaFerrari. The model in question is weighing 1,255 kg and it stands at 4,896 mm in length, 2,051 mm in width and 1,116 mm in height, riding on a wheelbase of 2,650 mm. It has a two-seat coupe body style with the rear mid-engine and rear-wheel drive layout and we can find the 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine under its hood, used on the LaFerrari and not only. In this case, the unit has been upgraded and it is now capable of putting down a total of 860 HP (633 kW). The electric motor is now generating 190 HP (140 kW). The total output sent to the wheels stands at 1,050 HP (772 kW).