[Video] Ferrari is proud of stepping into the XXI century, highlights GTC4Lusso’s new infotainment system image

While the Ferrari models have been known for astonishing auction figures, all sorts of records and great engine sounds, they have never been commended for their entertainment abilities.

That’s because supercars are pretty much oblivious to the modern world where even a subcompact car packs more infotainment options than them. Yep, a few years ago even the radio was optional – and now during the Geneva Motor Show Ferrari is proud for having a navigation system that displays 3D maps! That’s real folks, because Ferrari was actually using an obsolete Jeep navigation system. But no more, the GTC4Lusso – here to replace the FF – has leapt forward in terms of technology. The supercar now has a 10.25-inch full HD touchscreen that features “a completely redesigned and simplified HMI in which all functions can be accessed both via the screen or 2 rollers and 4 buttons; a Split View function which allows different types of content to be viewed simultaneously; and sat nav with 3D maps.” Got that last part?

The Gran Tourer even goes on to display its geekiness by having intuitive navigation, Apple CarPlay, digital radio and music streaming. That’s also in part because in 2012 Ferrari snatched former Apple exec Eddy Cue, a man that supposedly knows everything about internet software and services after working for the US company for 25 years and being implicated in the development of things such as iTunes, iBooks, iOS Maps, Siri, the iOS App Store and iCloud.