[VIDEO] Ferrari possibly testing F1 engine on LaFerrari image

The Italian based automaker Ferrari is believed to be testing an engine soundtrack for the LaFerrari hybrid supercar and the place chosen for this was the Fiorano race track.

A YouTube user has managed to catch a Ferrari LaFerrari on camera, wrapped in some camouflage, while it was doing some laps on the Fiorano track and, even if nothing seems to be out of place here, the model in question doesn’t sound like the regular V12 which is powering the production supercar. The theory is that we may be looking at a new flagship model, with a turbocharged engine under its hood which, some say that it may be the 1.6 liter V6 powering the 2014 Ferrari Formula One car.

This is not the only time when Ferrari has done this as just a few years ago, the Maranello based carmaker has tested an Enzo with a 2.4 liter V8 engine under its hood and the unit in question eventually made its way onto the company’s Formula One car, in 2006. Keep in mind that the LaFerrari has been originally announced as a successor of the iconic Enzo but don’t expect such a model to hit the market. Additional details on the subject are limited for the moment.