The Italian automaker has decided to take things in a different direction with the ad campaign associated with the launch of the 124 Spider – you know, that retro-flavored Italian clone of the Mazda MX-5.

While the trials and tribulations of globalization have made FCA partner with Mazda for the model’s platform, at least they chose the right model to build upon. And seeing an Italian rear wheel drive convertible is something that will happen only once in decades. While this does sound exciting, we’re unsure if it can really provide instant boners – you read that right. That’s the claim of one of the promotional videos released for the marketing campaign – where Fiat claims the 124 Spider can be fully utilized as a replacement for Viagra. You may remember Fiat has a fixation on this touchy subject – back last year we saw the “Blue Pill” commercial for the 500X.

Now during the summer of 2016 they are again doing a sexually themed campaign. This time around it’s the same amorous duet that wants to get it on and since the little blue pill is nowhere to be found, the titular character uses the drainage pipe superhero style to go for a ride in the 124 Spider. In a clever nod, he tells the gal when he’s back that… ”we’re back”, the meaning being that Fiat has returned to the market with the 124, almost half a century since the original was first sold in the US.



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