[VIDEO] Fiat 500 commercial – Baby image

The Italian based automaker Fiat has recently launched a new commercial video for the 500 model, starring a real baby who has been strapped into a car seat in the back of the racy 500 Coupe.

After Fiat has released some commercials for the 500, with Jennifer Lopez, and then went to presenting the 500 Abarth, starring the gorgeous Romanian model Catrinel Menghia while ending the “series” with “House Arrest” and Charlie Sheen playing the main role, the car manufacturer is once again highlighting the small vehicle this time with the “help” of a real baby, who has been strapped into the rear car seat in the red 500 Coupe.

According to the carmaker, the “Baby” commercial has been created by Chrysler agency Doner in Detroit, and it began running on local network TV on Wednesday. This isn’t the only collaboration between the manufacturer and Doner and the agency also did creative for the 500 Abarth “House Arrest” with Charlie Sheen, while the original spot with Catrinel Menghia was made by Richards Group in Dallas.

The premise of the new Fiat 500 “Baby” commercial is “Let your Italian out” and the promotional video is quite funny, which is something that the car manufacturer has made us get used to. You can watch the video below. Enjoy!