[VIDEO] Fifth Gear Ford Focus crash test at 120 mph image

The other very interesting car program in the UK which isn’t Top Gear but is named Fifth Gear (for those of you who didn’t know) wanted to do something special in the latest series so a crash test with an average Ford Focus at a top speed of 120 mph seemed like the right thing.

Let’s actually say that your family car can actually hit 120 mph or 193 km/h just for the sake of this video but after you’ll watch it you will probably think twice before pushing the gas pedal harder because that speed means only one thing: sudden death.

Fifth Gear got an older Ford Focus hatchback and crashed it into an unmovable object at 120 miles per hour and the test apparently simulates the equivalent of two vehicles out of the same model colliding while travelling close to their top speeds.

The only thing which remains in the recognizable area is the rear end of the car because after the impact the Ford Focus has turned into a pile of metal. Imagine what a real accident at that speed can mean. You can watch the video below and please take it easy on the gas. Enjoy!