[Video] First and only Pagani Huayra Futura caught out and about image

This is “just” another very special, one-off unit in a long list of very special, one-off Pagani vehicles – but every time we see it in a real-world scenario it still very much feel like magic.

Pagani has so far only completed about 100 units of its incredible Huayra supercar, and we’re pretty much sure the manufactured exotic hasn’t actually had two examples perfectly the same. But only a handful have been entitled to the “special edition” moniker so far and had their own branding. We’re pretty much sure they will pour ‘till the end of times – as we already seen it happen with the rest of the manufacturers’ lineup. The limited one-off example seen here ahs been dubbed Huayra Futura and was first seen out and about earlier this month on the Lakes GT supercar rally by Youtuber Marchettino.

The Futura has ample modifications compared to a standard Huayra, with huge fenders, a split rear spoiler – first seen on the Huayra Pearl – a see-through blue finish for the carbon fiber body, and one-off center-lock wheels with blue detailing. The owner also requested the intricately named Pacchetto Tempesta, which actually means ‘storm pack’ (they may be fans of Game of Thrones). It comes with a larger front splitter and rear diffuser, four-way adjustable Ohlins dampers and the same titanium exhaust from the track-happy Huayra BC. The heart and soul is the 6.0-liter, twin-turbo V12 engine, provided by AMG and tuned to 730 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque (1100 Newton meters), good for a 60 mph sprit in under three seconds and a maximum speed of 238 mph (383 km/h).