While Dacia is a Romanian brand, its French parentage has made it wildly popular in the latter country as well, so it’s better to remember that you once took some lessons of French in order to better understand these first reviews.

The Romanian affordable brand just introduced the second-generation Duster at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the French fans seem eager to find out what’s changed – so enter the first reviews of the model, in a direct comparison with the predecessor. It’s logical to assume people will jump at the chance of seeing the new Duster – especially in a side-by-side comparison with the predecessor, after all this is one of the most affordable crossovers in the world, and even at the end of the first generation’s lifespan it sold well enough to keep it in the top five of its class.

As far as design goes, Dacia – or let’s say the Renault bosses – went on the safe side with an evolutionary styling that might fool some into thinking this is just a facelift. That’s because the first generation evolved as well, with the new one looking more upscale to warrant the inevitable price hike. Where the difference is obvious is inside the cabin, where the new generation makes a rather steep leap – with Dacia also resolving some of the previous model’s issues (steering wheel two-way adjustment now) and adding never before seen features such as push-button start, LED daytime signature and others.



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