[Video] First Gymkhana 10 trailer promises even more Ken Block explosive action image

Once you get to a level where you’re renown around the world support naturally comes – for example “The Trailer” is being presented by Pennzoil and the drift star is also getting his own streaming series on Amazon Prime showcasing how G10 has been made.

Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division is out with the initial trailer for the tenth installment of the always-exciting Gymkhana series – the action racer and his crew are promising the best action yet with no less than five vehicles involved in the process of burning rubber across five locations around the entire world. There’s one major catch though – the trailer lets us know we’re in for the long haul, as the official premiere date is coming late next year.

Block does show what he’s made of (gasoline in the stream, carbon fiber and aluminum for bones, etc.) and presents the five vehicles he’ll be sliding around. The infamous Hoonicorn V2 Mustang is used through the streets of Detroit, Michigan; and we also catch a glimpse of a reworked Ford Escort Cosworth somewhere looking all industrial. The trailer even promises the premiere of a completely new build – the model isn’t shown but we’re pretty sure it’s a classic 1970s Ford F-Series pickup, the rest remaining a mystery: “5 different, epic, all wheel-drive, high-horsepower Ford racecars.”