[Video] First walkaround videos give us the best look at 2018 Nissan Leaf image

While it hasn’t graced the Frankfurt Motor Show with its global premiere – instead taking place simultaneously in Japan and America – the arrival of the 2018 Leaf is certainly the biggest electric news for this latter half of the year.

The premiere brought a big update for the second generation – completely new design, in line with the new styling direction, less polarizing look, better range and many new technologies. And, yes, in America at least, it’s actually even cheaper than its first-generation counterpart. The Leaf isn’t yet out and about everywhere – except for Japan – because production in the US and Europe is kicking off later this year, but we do have some comprehensive walk around videos to keep us entertained until the new Leaf lands all around the world.

For starters, the Leaf will get three trim levels, a comprehensive range of colors and – market dependent – even two-tone versions. The first option for the Leaf – unlike the Tesla Model 3 – is the low tier battery pack, which now has grown to 40 kWh for an estimated EPA range of 150 miles (close to 400 km in the much more optimistic NEDC cycle), hitting dealerships in Japan in October and January in the US and Europe. Next year the Japanese automaker is going to compete directly against the base Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt with the 60 kWh version.