[Video] Five hot hatches battle for supremacy image

One of the eternal struggles – probably as old as the fight between light and dark – has always been to decipher the best hot hatch and award the crown to the proper model.

2017 is a great year to be in the market for a brand new hot hatchback – and it’s only going to get better because the Renault Megane RS hasn’t even been announced just yet. The market has fresh and powerful models, and they’re different enough to satisfy any need. And consider this once was a niche segment… No time to dwell, because these beasts can head to the track and then take you home with practicality and balanced poise. There might be a major issue – choosing the hot hatch you want to take home. The most powerful is the Audi RS3, the Ford Focus RS offers AWD for way less money, and let’s not forget the FWD Honda Civic Type R comes as the king of the Nurburgring.

The video comparison review is not the definitive answer to your hot hatch trials and tribulations, but it’s a great venue to see them side by side and compare what they’re capable of. The Audi RS3, Ford Focus RS, and Honda Civic Type R are also joined by the older but still very capable Volkswagen Golf R and Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. We’re not going to spoil the result and won’t even influence you with our personal favorite, so enjoy…