[Video] For the kid in you – walk around the Transformers 5 vehicle set image

Transformers: The Last Knight, is the fifth – and we’re hoping final – installment in the long-running, action packed but barren of any emotional thought franchise of Michael Bay.

The only thing that keeps us coming back to it are the vehicles – and boy do we hope the action will get a little bit less muddled. This larger than life sci-fi series has been filming around Detroit, Michigan, this summer, and the crew allowed some fans to go behind the scenes and even check out the blockbuster’s main stars – the cars. The film itself has been slated for a United States release on June 23 next year, so we’re getting ramped up at the chance of seeing the movie’s bespoke cars without Bay’s murky editing.

One of the main attractions is of course a truck – the one impersonating Optimus Prime, which has some displays inside most likely to be used by the stunt driver. The exterior still looks pretty much unchanged from the previous iteration whose name we have already forgotten. Another semi on the set this time is featured on the Decepticon side – Onslaught has three Autobot kills painted on the rear. We also catch a glimpse of Bumblebee’s unique Chevy Camaro and Barricade’s Ford Mustang police pursuit – so hopefully the eternal muscle car battle will be better translated on the big screen this time.

Via Motor Authority