[VIDEO] Ford Atlas – LIVE video from Detroit image

The Ford Atlas Concept has been officially presented to the public in a world premiere during the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

According to the car manufacturer, the Ford Atlas Concept is previewing the next generation of the popular Ford F-150 and the model is influenced by the F-250 and by the F350. The Ford Atlas is coming with a 110V power outlet, with extendible ramps which are hidden, with an integrated tailgate spoiler, with bulging fenders, with a prominent front grille, with LED headlights and with some other tweaks which will probably be adopted by the next generation of the Ford F-150.

The cabin of the Ford Atlas Concept is now offering more legroom, leather seats with contrast stitching and metallic accent, amongst others. The model is also coming with a 360 degree camera, with the Dynamic Hitch Assist system and with more. The final production version of the Ford F-150’s new generation, which will wear the 2015 model year in its name, meaning that it will hit the market in 2014, will get a turbocharged EcoBoost engine under its hood, with direct injection and stop/start, which should play a main role in fuel consumption. More details on the future Ford F-150 or on the Atlas Concept are limited for the moment.

Source: Auto Guide