[Video] Ford demonstrates how 2017 Super Duty is smarter than ever image

The 2017 Ford Super Duty has new technologies that can make towing, for example, safer and easier – with the adaptive cruise control even capable of activating the trailer brakes.

Customers know that one of the main characteristics of the Super Duty class of Fords is the impressive towing capability – and the upcoming 2017 model is making it also look decidedly high tech. This is because customers hooking a trailer to the 2017 Super Duty will sleep easier knowing the truck has a plethora of safety and assistance systems. Examples such as blind spot monitoring aren’t exactly new to the automotive world, but the Blue Oval company is modifying them to take into account the characteristics of a heavy-duty pickup. The Super Duty’s adaptive cruise control is working like in a passenger car – it keeps a set speed and distance from the car in front – but it also works when a trailer gets attached. The system can also work with the diesel engine brake and the trailer brakes to keep everything safe.

[Video] Ford demonstrates how 2017 Super Duty is smarter than ever 6

The Super Duty’s Blind Spot Information System also helps the hauling duties. There’s a radar in each taillight and will keep an eye on the traffic, even taking into consideration the presence of a trailer to expand its range. Ford also delivers an adaptive steering system that works like a charm with the vibrating lane-departure warning system. The tough truck will reach dealerships this fall and comes with an F-150 inspired front end as well as the aluminum body.