[VIDEO] Ford EcoBoost car laps the Ring in 7:22s image

A Formula Ford race car equipped with the 1.0 liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine has recently lapped the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

The Ford EcoBoost engine which is equipping models like the B-MAX, the Focus or the new generation of the Fiesta, and which will also make its way under the hood of other models in the North American based automaker’s lineup, like the S-MAX, is one impressive unit and besides developing a lot of output for its size, it’s also able to emit low CO2 emissions and burn just a “tiny amount of fuel”.

The impressive engine, which made its way in a Formula Ford race car, with its 202 HP, has managed to beat supercars with over 600 horsepower like the Lamborghini Aventador, the Pagani Zonda or the Ferrari Enzo, becoming the 11th fastest car ever to lap the Nurburgring. The Formula Ford racer has finished the fastest lap in just 7 minutes and 22 seconds, the fastest ever time for a three- and even for a four-cylinder car, averaging 169 km/h and with an unofficial top speed of 255.5 km/h. If we’ve made you curious, you can click play in the video posted below. Enjoy!