[VIDEO] Ford Focus RS documentary – Episode 3 image

Ford has released Episode 3 of its documentary on the brand new Focus RS, which is called “Hitting the Road”.

After we have seen Episode 1 – Project Kickoff and Episode 2 – Design and Development, time has come for Ford to release Episode 3 – Hitting the Road. The third part of the hot hatch documentary is focusing on the testing of prototypes and showing us how a model is being tested. The impressive vehicles have been driven for a 1,600-km trip, through various terrains and temperatures, from the Rocky Mountains to the Arizona desert.

Episodes List
Episode 1: Project kickoff – Block and Nair debate what the car should deliver from behind the wheel of an early prototype.
Episode 2: Design and development – Crunching crashes put the new design to the toughest of tests.
Episode 3: Hitting the road – A 1,600-kilometre (1,000-mile) drive through epic terrain takes prototypes from high in the Rocky Mountains to the Arizona desert.
Episode 4: Test-track trials – Block heads for Ford’s top-secret test facility and indulges in some “hooning”
Episode 5: Arctic extremes – Winter testing in Sweden shows the team is under pressure to improve performance.
Episode 6: Power struggle – It’s all about performance as the Ford manufacturing plant in Saarlouis, Germany, gears up for production
Episode 7: Close scrutiny – The day of the critical signoff drive follows Block’s headline appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Episode 8: Final chapter – It’s time for the nail-biting management review.