[Video] Ford Focus RS takes it against the Seat Leon Cupra 290 image

If you remember, the Seat Leon Cupra – usually tricked out by the aftermarket specialists – is among the weapon of choice for ‘Ring dwellers that like to showcase their experience with the circuit against supercar drivers that are new to the Green Hell.

But this time around, without actually being spoilerish, we can safely assume everyone knows the Cupra is going to get its “ass” kicked by the hot hatch of the moment. We’re talking of course about the Ford Focus RS, and the winner of a drag race between a FWD and an AWD car can’t be that hard to distinguish, right? This shows a lot of the advancements made within the hot hatch segment – and we can safely assume that within the compact roster of this adrenaline-fueled niche there’s another niche splitting up. On the one hand we have mild hot hatches – let’s say the Peugeot 308 GTi with its 250 hp – which is actually what a few years back would have represented the pinnacle of the segment. But now we also have the “bad” boys, playing in an entirely different league – the Focus RS, the Golf R. And what sets them apart is the all wheel drive system (among others, of course).

This drag race is a statement. The Focus RS takes on the Seat Leon Cupra 290 – which is well known among the fan community for being one of the best composed front wheel drive hatchbacks in the world. But it’s clear from the start the Focus RS is the one to win – not only does it have more power, but that AWD system ensures it goes off the grid line like a rocket ready for cosmic flight.