[Video] Ford Focus RS takes on the Volkswagen Golf R, drag fight ensues image

The guys over at Evo have decided to see if the hot hatch of the moment has what it takes for an all-wheel drive battle with the eponymous representative of the compact hot hatch segment – the Golf.

Because the Ford Focus RS plays in a different league than most compact hot hatches at the moment, there was no way a Golf GTI – even the Clubsport S – may be able to take on the mighty American. So, they brought up the Golf R, in a battle between the “new kid on the block” and the already rather old Golf R. With 350 horsepower under the hood, Evo decided to see if the impressive data sheet can keep up with the real world performance – the rivals battling in a slightly longer half-mile (800-meter) drag race.

Just reading the specifications of the two back to back, the Focus RS comes out on top by a mile. We have a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with higher power and torque figures than the Golf R’s 2.0-liter turbo four. But there’s a rather crucial tick box going in the favor of the German machine – the Focus RS is 106 pounds (48 kilograms) heavier. And with that equation little balanced, there are always indeterminate aspects that have no mathematical use here: tire grip and the all-wheel-drive system’s prowess in delivering all that power to the wheels. We’re not going to spoil the win here, but we can tell you the Focus RS will take an early lead after rocketing off the line – and then you’ll have to check out the video for yourself if that was enough to secure the win or the Golf R managed to claw back its way to the top.