[VIDEO] Ford GT by Hennessey hits 263.3 mph (423.7 km/h) image

A custom Ford GT modified by the North American based aftermarket specialists at Hennessey, has recently set a new Texas Mile record, hitting 263.3 mph (423.7 km/h).

After the TxTag toll tag camera has been tested in Texas, the famous tuning company Hennessey has brought a specially modified Ford GT to the Texas Mile festival of speed in Beeville and the super car has managed to set a new Texas Mile record after hitting a whopping 263.3 mph or 423.7 km/h. The record was reached with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel and it’s coming right after the same Ford GT hit 257.7 mph (414 km/h) back in March during the same event.

The custom Ford GT modified by Hennessey came with two Precision turbochargers, with Shane TEcklenburg from MoTeC being in charge of the power management and the engine and with the racing tweaked 5.4 liter Accufab Racing unit under its hood. The model was running on 117 octane racing gasoline and the most interesting fact about this Ford GT is that it’s road legal, coming with airbags, power windows, AC or a stereo system.