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The Blue Oval company has finally started producing and handing over the first few units of the Ford GT supercar to the luckiest buyers, but not all of the car’s secrets have actually been revealed.

For example, the worldwide fans and even the specialists still don’t know exactly how much power comes from the biturbo 3.5-liter V6 or the exact selling price. Such crucial information is still a secret, but at least we get to catch a glimpse inside the cockpit where the GT’s digital dashboard features five different driving modes – so depending on the conditions the driver can pick a view accordingly. The 10-inch instrument panel can change graphics according to the needs and its development also involved input from racing drivers for fine-tuning the data.

[Video] Ford GT’s digital dashboard has different driving modes 6

“We spent an enormous amount of time getting this just right,” says Nick Terzes, Ford GT engineering supervisor. “The result is simple, but achieving simple perfectly can be a challenge. We start with normal mode – for regular everyday driving. The wet mode turns everything blue and the slightly glossy graphics “emulate the shine of wet asphalt.” The Sport setting meanwhile according to Ford “is the preferred mode for most test drivers.” Track mode is an evolution of the latter and the V-Max is all about doing those drag racing speed runs.