The Gymkhana fever has long been a recurring illness for the second largest US automaker, but fortunately this is one contagious bug that won’t prompt the intervention of the CDC.

Instead the thing will make us really happy and since it’s winter time and the day that Santa will look for the cookies and milk next to the tree is approaching, we’re being treated to the holiday version – aptly named Snowkhana. It’s also a pretty recurring thing since the automaker has reached the fourth stage – called Ho Ho Hokhana. This recent installment has the Mental Block in an action packed video created with stop motion animation – we love these featurettes ever since we saw Coraline – joining Santa on a snowy adventure that will treat him to an all-star ensemble cast that counts everything from Lego to the omnipresent Star Wars characters.

We’re giving kudos to the subtle throwback to the most viral video featuring trucks ever – Buzz Lightyear is doing the splits on two Cola-Cola semis just like Jean-Claude Van Damme does the splits on two moving FM trucks. The segment this time around also features the real Santa doing some donuts in the real Focus RS – and we get the answer why in Sweden there’s a “Polis” livery Focus RS prototype but also a rather creepy character that is watching Santa from the forest dressed up as a reindeer.



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