[Video] Ford Performance lets us in on the development process of the Ford Focus RS RX image

With so many vehicles on his build roster, Ford Performance apparently likes to keep itself busy – but even so it has time to produce some “vlog”-style documentaries chronicling the development of various models.

One great example – also of high interest for us petrolheads – is the development series of the Ford Focus RS RX, which – as an enthusiast you should know – is the upgraded rally version of the RS hot hatch. Ford Performance is very happy about working on this project so they started a four part series of mini documentaries chronicling the development process of the model. The end product will be used in the FIA World Rallycross Championship series, with the RS RX a beefed up, race-prone version of the hot hatch of the moment. If the reviews are calling the RS wild – what will it be said about the RS RX?

Before we find that out, you can watch back to back the first two parts. In the first one Ford Performance talked about design and we also found out they are partnering with the M-Sport race shop in Cockermouth, England and Ken Block’s Hoonigan Racing to design, develop, and then go mad on the track with a pair of RXs. The second one is all about craftsmanship and assembly – showcasing M-Sport doing its engineering thing – that is build components and assemble the cars. There are also appearances from Ford Performance execs, such as Dave Pericak, the company’s global director. And while Block is absent this time, we also hear from Andreas Bakkerud, the other driver of the Focus RS RX.