The Blue Oval has used the Michigan University’s Mcity facility – which is a simulation of real urban environments, used to trial different scenarios in a safe and controlled setting.

Ford’s autonomous technologies – as we already know – are being bundled on Fusion self-driving prototypes jam-packed with highly advanced sensors, radars, and software. The Blue Oval decided to make public its latest progress situation, demonstrating its advancements at the University of Michigan’s Mcity facility. The area is great for simulations of urban environments, used to test up to Level 4-capable autonomous vehicles in “scenarios like traffic in intersections, pedestrians in crosswalks, different traffic signals, and even bicyclists.” During the live demonstration, autonomous Fusion prototypes traveled the false city landscape at about 25 miles per hour, without any failure.

According to reports from US media, the cars have no trouble seeing stop lights, taking turns, identifying real pedestrians and overall interacted “without drama.” Ford is also performing real world testing in California, Arizona, and Michigan, with European evaluations apparently taking place as early as this year. Ford wants to have a completely autonomous vehicle platform for ride sharing by 2021 – and the one for any customer in 2025.

Via Automotive News 



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