US automaker Ford Motor will commemorate a stunt performed 50 years ago, by putting the new 2015 Mustang GT convertible on the Empire State Building by the end of this week.

Ford released recently a video in which it shows how its employees will disassemble the new Mustang, get it on the Empire State Building 86th floor and reassemble the vehicle on the observation deck. The automaker is expected to show off the vehicle tomorrow, April 16, during a media event held for this purpose. This will be part of the New York International Auto Show to take place this week.

Back in 1965 Ford placed a ’66 Mustang on top of the Empire State Building. But the 2015 Mustang is wider and longer than its peer, therefore the vehicle will be disassembled into six pieces so that it will fit in the Empire State Building elevator. The team has only five hours to get the car on top as the observation deck opens at7 a.m. and closes and 2 p.m. Then the car will have to be reassembled without a scratch.

”If we have an iconic vehicle, it’s Mustang,” Ford executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. said in the video.


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