[Video] Ford takes Block out, gets drones in for first ever Dronekhana image

Don’t worry, the resident Gymkhana star is still very much associated with the US automaker, but it appears Ford is also looking forward into the future, combining automotive ideas with the latest crazy motorsport – drone racing.

We got used to a lot of adrenaline fueled action ever since the Focus RS appeared – and now Ford has decided to showcase a race featuring obstacles made up of various Ford models at the same Cologne plant where Block played with the hot hatch back when it was being launched. And this is also timed right – since the city is actually hosting Gamescom – Europe’s largest interactive games trade fair. So the company actually had the opportunity to get star drone pilots – Luke Banister, 16, and Tornado XBlades teammate Brett Collis, 22 – to do the actual stunt piloting.

The video sees them fighting each other. “It’s basically like stepping into the cockpit. It was a tough course, and we had some mishaps – but at least the Mustang’s all right, that’s all that matters,” commented Bannister, who is a World Drone Prix champion. The race had the guys fly the drone through the open doors of a B-Max, then going under the Ford Ranger pick-up, with more interesting obstacles being the smoke of a Mustang’s rear wheels or a drifting Focus RS. At the end, there’s also a very geeky cameo of the new KUKA robotic arm that can do anything (fist-bump to bringing coffee) – and here it waived the finish flag.