[Video] Ford takes MKZ in the spotlight to promote Lincoln brand image

As it strives to up lift its rather struggling premium brand, Ford has introduced a fresh promotional campaign for the first of its four new Lincoln models.

Ford’s not so great at sales luxury brand will emphasize key aspects like fuel economy on its new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedan, besides high-end features like the retractable panoramic roof, pitting them against rivals like the Lexus ES.

In a broadcast, print and digital advertising campaign starting today, Ford will move to put in the spotlight individual nameplates such as the MKZ, according to Andrew Frick, a Lincoln marketing manager.

“Leading with just the Lincoln brand as a whole right now wouldn’t get us as far as leading with the individual nameplate,” Frick told reporters yesterday near Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. “We looked back at other brands and how they started to transform their brands, and they didn’t start with just their overall name, they started with a series of nameplate introductions.”

“These are definitely more pointed and tactical in their nature,” said Jon Pearce, executive vice president and chief creative officer of Hudson Rouge, Lincoln’s ad agency, on Tuesday. “We’ve tried to make spots that display some rational proof points for Lincoln.”

The latest generation of the MKZ, introduced earlier this year, is only the first of four upcoming Lincoln models to be unveiled over the next four years and is part of a more than $1 billion investment by Ford to try to resurrect the brand. The model has already set monthly sales records in five of the last six months and has managed to overshadow the Navigator full-size SUV as Lincoln’s best-sold nameplate.