It’s not usually enough to just give a press release for a model to be understood. Especially if we are talking about a concept that might never see the road. This time around, though, we have a couple that simply announce a production ready model and understanding the concept is the first step in acknowledging the real model.

Ford has recently released two important concepts, one for the S-Max and the other for Mondeo, showcasing the Vignale upmarket version. Since producers like BMW and Audi have lowered their products down the price range to cater to a larger part of the customer base, Ford thinks they should do the opposite, by upgrading some of their models in that price bracket and going to a premium feel.

So, the Vignale range targets customers that want more than what usually a Mondeo Titanium offers, with things like leather covered dashboards and different trim for the seats and door cars, creating a lounge atmosphere. To justify their decision – or at least try to do so – the American brand has released some videos on the matter.


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