[VIDEO] Ford unveils Fiesta eWheelDrive prototype image

The North American based automaker Ford has recently unveiled the Fiesta eWheelDrive prototype, which has been made in collaboration with Schaeffler.

According to the car manufacturer, the Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive prototype is coming with in-wheel electric motors, with two rear bubs which are combining the motor, the cooling and the braking systems, and this is helping save space. Ford says that in the future, the company will be able to get a four-person car which can occupy the space of a two-person car today.

“This is an exciting project to work on with Schaeffler because it potentially opens new options for the development of zero emission vehicles with very efficient packaging and exceptional maneuverability. Looking forward, we have the opportunity to scope out the vehicle’s capabilities and how we might overcome some of the challenges presented by implementing the technology”, said the Ford Research and Advanced Engineering European director, Pim van der Jagt.

The new Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive prototype is getting a total output of 110 HP (81 kW) and 700 Nm of torque (516 lb-ft), from its two electric motors. Additional details on the model are limited for the moment and until they will be released, you can check out the photo gallery and video posted below.