[Video] Ford wants to roll over the 2017 Super Duty to ensure safe “camping” image

The Ford Super Duty series is up for renewal and while the model is considered a workhorse the US automaker is also eager to show it has an adventurous side.

That means the 2017 Super Duty is even tested to see how it would fare when carrying a camper and to make sure the nights sleeping outdoors are safe it will even try to roll the behemoth with a simulated camper on top of it. This sounds like pretty serious engineering but we’re going to be taking the fun side of the idea nevertheless. We can see Ford is making sure the Super Duty pickups will be tops no matter what job you throw at them, this new piece of footage showing us the level of testing even considered people looking to take their Super Duty overnight into the great outdoors. To simulate such driving conditions, the company has a special rig which is able to simulate a slide-in camper in the bed, with the engineers tossing around the 2017 Super Duty to see if the integrated roll stability control system will compensate for the extra mass.

This simulator is pretty simple – a metal lattice will stand in for the large camper. The engineers showed us the high-speed lane changes were not enough to get the extra load in the back tip over the Super Duty. The model will reach US dealerships this fall in a plethora of trim levels and with a wide array of engines: 6.2-liter V8, 6.8-liter V10, and 6.7-liter diesel V8.