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The Blue Oval company has decided to transcend the idea of vehicle and focus on mobility as a whole, teaming up with cities across the planet in a bid to offer solutions to modern problems such as pollution and road congestion.

Ford decided to not only discuss the updated F-150 truck or the fact that its F-Series is the best-selling vehicle in America for 35 years or in the truck segment for four decades – it also wants to address bigger issues at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Ford’s City Solutions team has partnered with authorities from different cities of the world and with Bloomberg Philanthropies to discover new solutions of getting from A to B – more efficiently and eco-friendly. Ford’s “City of Tomorrow” has autonomous and electric vehicles interacting with the local transportation system and the urban infrastructure to lower issues caused by air pollution or gridlocks.

The City of Tomorrow, Decades and Decades From Now

Ford thinks ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and connected vehicles will do a great job at making an easy life for us via infrastructure communication. “This is an issue that goes far beyond congestion. It is one that represents a massive challenge to mankind, one that affects our well-being and access to health care, clean drinking water, food, a safe place to live and even the ability to find work,” comments Bill, Ford, executive chairman. Ford even sees reconfigurable roads and last-minute solutions such as bikes and drones, as well as high-speed public transit.