[Video] Ford’s EcoSport gets Baby Groot promo image

For any given reason, the Guardians of the Galaxy seem to share our human love of crossovers, and the Baby Groot even takes a ride inside Ford’s recently refreshed for US EcoSport.

The smallest crossover in the Ford lineup hasn’t been on offer in North America until now, but with the model’s facelift also came a change of strategy. And with it came the usual automaker – Hollywood relationship. These are generally complicated though – as in we’re not sure everyone gets what they need to do. Positive examples are the Transformers franchise for example, but negative examples are many, many more. We’re not sure about Ford though – yet.

The company has decided to promote the EcoSport and teamed up with Marvel and the certain hit Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, which is just about set to reach American cinemas on May 5. The TV promo is generally ok, but the real issue is with the tie-in comic. You can view it online before a limited print of 500 examples – and what we can tell in one word is that it’s pretty cheesy. The 2018 EcoSport has what it takes to succeed in the segment, though. No worries there – 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder with lots of engineering prizes or a larger 2.0-liter four, six-speed automatic and even all-wheel drive.