The second largest US automaker has been really putting it all out during the most recent shows but while out there in the spotlight it has also decided to tame its quirky side – thanks to the addition of two new Lego sets.

One of them, the S550 Mustang GT is presented here in the “build it fast” video from below after both becoming available as of March 1 – and we’re looking again at a piece of footage courtesy of the toy aficionados over there at Nitro Bricks, with the construction taking under three minutes. And this is no ordinary feat since the Blue Oval muscle car uses 185 pieces, which for any ordinary Lego builder would mean some time would be needed to pass it as a presentable toy. By the way, the thing is not as costly as the real deal since the recommended retail price is of $14.99 – the same in euros if you live on the Old Continent.

“We are excited about the new LEGO Speed Champions sets based on iconic Ford vehicles,” commented recently Jill Wilfert, vice president at Lego. “Each LEGO Ford car tells a story and has infinite play possibilities. With these new sets, kids can play out their ultimate car fantasies. They are able to role play and become the LEGO mini-figure, stepping into the greatest cars on earth.” Of course, since we’re talking about Lego bricks the actual details are not very true to the pony car and the final product is more of a resemblance to the car – but after all, who cares – this is a single seat Mustang!



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